HAI THERE. Welcome SHAWOLS! <3 This be our awesome SHINee macros page ;) We specialize in making cool macros for yous! Check them out, and if you have a funny pic you want us to make into a macro, or maybe a macro YOU made just submit it, and of course the credit will be yours. We DO NOT take credit for any of the pics seen on here unless stated otherwise. We just find random pics and make them more enjoyable ^^ Message us if anything, and spread the SHINee LOVE. Admin B & Admin Vivi
Nov 17th


Hey guys ! 

I am so very sorry I was not able to post, WE weren’t able to post, actually, making macros takes up a lot of time. We really do appreciate the people who are still following us! 

I don’t really mean to close down the blog, because probably some people have a lot of great ideas and we can have two more admins! 

****If you would like to become an admin, write to me! My email address is or just message me on the blog, I will be sure to write back privately. DON’T BE SHY!! I really do not want to close it down becuase of ME not having time, because it would be selfish and I want to give others a chance to make funny SHINee macros! It’s really fun! 

We would have two more admins!! :) So if you want to be one! contact us please!

In other news…..

Currently I (Admin B) am running a new only Lee Taemin blog :) I post pictures and take requests of what you would like to see, it really doesn’t take me up much time so I am updating a lot. 

If you wanna check it out ———>

So admins! Let’s try to make BESTSHINEEMACROS a living blog again! If you are a fan of SHINee and want to make funny stuffs here is your chance!

Lots of Love to you SHAWOLS ♥♥♥

Nov 17th
cbtlb: How come you havn't posted! >.< If it's cuz you don't have time, I will be happy to join and make macros!

Heeey ! 

I really haven’t had time to actually make any macros, it takes us up a lot of time, and lately we haven’t really been posting.

But hey! I am now running a new blog, as a Taemint :’) it is an all Lee Taemin blog ^_^  It really does not take me up so much time, go check it out! :) 

Also if you would really like to help me out with this one I would like to get to know you to see, I would love it really!

And sorry for the late reply! :) 

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Request! ♥

Alright so the 2Min weekly spam is about to end, going to add a little JongKey and MinKey as well ;) 

Buuuut you guys gotta request, don’t be shy lol you got five extremely sexy/hot/cute guys to choose from and pair up what more do you want?? 

Maybe a week of our sexy but innocent maknae? 

One for our diva?

Or all the couples you can think of! I’ll be adding a page dedicated to spams! Go on! Request! 

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